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The Church and the Racial Divide (DVD Leader Kit)


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The Church and the Racial Divide Bible Study Book contains printed content for six small group sessions, including applicable Scripture and personal study between sessions.

In light of racial tension in America, many Christian leaders are talking earnestly about racial reconciliation. Many pastors and lay leaders look at the growing tensions in our churches and wonder how they can be a healing force in our culture. The problem is they don’t know where to begin. The average evangelical Christian may not understand why racial reconciliation is a gospel imperative. The average pastor may not know how to pursue it.

This resource features video teaching from key leaders discussing race, culture, and the gospel. Using these evangelical voices and Bible study, participants will learn about racial reconciliation and be equipped to be part of the solution.

Session topics:
1. Imago Dei
2. God’s Heart for All People
3. Breaking Down the Walls
4. Pursuing Gospel Relationships
5. Race and Culture
6. Where Do We Go from Here?

– Six small-group sessions
– Personal-study opportunities for ongoing spiritual growth


– Understand how the gospel of Jesus Christ applies to racial tension, differences, and reconciliation.
– Develop sensitivity for people of different backgrounds.
– Resist apathy and move past fearfulness on an important issue.
– Appreciate the culture and background of all brothers and sisters in Christ.
– Understand race as an important topic that should be explored as a normal part of a practicing disciple’s life.
– See God’s vision of a people from every nation, tribe, and language.
– Learn to minister across ethnic and cultural lines.


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