William Taylor, David Dargue – Style Or Substance

William Taylor, David Dargue – Style Or Substance


Artikelnummer: 9781781912294
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The Nature of True Christian Ministry

In every age, Christians experience pressure to conform: how we think, what we say, what we believe. Like today, some in the church of Corinth had grown weary of the message of the cross – they wanted a more glamorous Gospel. Paul writes into this setting. He urges the Corinthians to be confident in the ‘weak’ Gospel, to embrace ‘weak’ Christians, and to boast in ‘weak’ ministers. The purity of Paul’s message shows the foolishness of the world – for it is in this scorned ‘weakness’ that God’s awesome power is exhibited.

ISBN/EAN: 9781781912294, Paperback, 7.80 X 5.12 (inches)


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