Wanda Alger – Prayer That Sparks National Revival

Wanda Alger – Prayer That Sparks National Revival


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An Essential Guide for Reclaiming America’s Destiny

Can the tide be turned?

As America’s moral foundation continues to collapse, it is our Christian duty to pray continuously for our country.

But to shift a nation’s destiny, our prayers must be greater than individual supplication. We must join together in corporate agreement. In the midst of extremist views and divisive rhetoric it is time for the Ekklesia to rise with a united voice on behalf of our nation.

This essential prayer manual for national revival includes several strategic prayer outlines that can be used for effective corporate intercession, prophetic perspective on our national crisis, and the current mandate of the Church. Inside, you’ll discover…

– 12-Day prayer guide for vision in the 2020 presidential race.
– 5 Key prayer strategies for lasting national change.
– 6 Targeted areas for corporate repentance.
– A prophetic charge to the Ekklesia of God: moving from sword to scepter.
– Additional resources for increased effectiveness in prayer.

Each of the outlines offer both scriptural references and principles for practical application, making them powerful tools for prayer groups and individuals with a burden to see our nation transformed through prayer.

ISBN/EAN: 9780768453010, Pages: 112, Paperback, 6.0 X 4.0 X 0.5 (inches)


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