Twila Paris – Collectors Series (2CD)

Twila Paris – Collectors Series (2CD)


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1. The Warrior Is A Child
2. We Bow Down
3. Keepin’ My Eyes On You
4. We Will Glorify
5. Clearer Vision
6. Do I Trust You
7. Forever Eyes
8. I Commit My Love To You
9. I Belong To You
10. Thank You For Keepin’ Your Hand On Me
11. Covenant Keeper
12. Humility
13. The Battle Is The Lord’s
14. Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
15. If The Feelings Ever Go Away
16. To Do Your Will
17. Praise Him
18. Come On In
19. Make Me New
20. It’s So Easy
21. Lookin’ Up
22. Angel Band
23. Knowin’ You’re Around
24. Sing Me A Lullaby

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