Trevor Partridge – Paraclesis: Journeying Together

Trevor Partridge – Paraclesis: Journeying Together


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This Daily Guide is part of the six-week Paraclesis: Journeying Together local church pastoral care initiative. Paraclesis is designed to support and empower people in churches to be able to come alongside others using their life experiences to care more effectively. This will ultimately enable the church to become a more caring community both inside and out, to significantly impact a lost and broken world.

The Daily Guide covers 42 days and leads you through the Paraclesis journey, allowing you to reflect and engage with what you learn each week. Each day should take about 10–15 minutes to complete and contains key features, including: sermon notes, daily verses, tips, action plans as well as space to journal and reflect on your own thoughts.

Each week, the following themes are explored: Week 1 — Caring Week 2 — Loving Week 3 — Journeying Week 4 — Living Week 5 — Healing Week 6 — Connecting

Over the course of the programme, these themes engage the whole church family in journeying together to be encouraged and equipped to care for one another and their wider community, to stand together and boldly exclaim, we care.

ISBN/EAN: 9781782594178, Spiral Bound


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