Tracey Armstrong – The Art Of Joy

Tracey Armstrong – The Art Of Joy


Artikelnummer: 9781621366539
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Could your past disappointment be the source of your present trouble?

Many people today are living aimless lives, suffering from depression, anxiety, doubt, cynicism and fear because of disappointments they have experienced in the past. We can even be affected without realising it – completely unaware that events that happened long ago, events we think we’ve moved on from, are still simmering in the background.

Using the biblical story of Sarah along with Psalm 27:13 as the backdrop, The Art of Joy demonstrates how to not only cope with pain and disappointment but also totally overcome it.

This book will open your eyes to:

• The fact that God has destined you to win in spite of difficult circumstances

• The tell-tale signs of unrecognised disappointment and the steps necessary to walk in freedom and purpose

• God’s eternal forces of faith, hope, and love and how they are available to you now as a part of His promise.

ISBN/EAN: 9781621366539, Pages: 240, Paperback


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