Tom Brown – Spiritual Gifts For Spiritual Warfare

Tom Brown – Spiritual Gifts For Spiritual Warfare


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What are spiritual gifts, and why are they important?

Perhaps you have never heard of spiritual gifts outside of their few appearances in the New Testament, or perhaps you are wondering how a concept to seemingly ancient is still applicable to you today.

Spiritual gifts are important tools in battling and overcoming Satan, and God freely gives them to His followers. The church need not be ignorant any longer.

In Spiritual Gifts for Spiritual Warfare, Tom Brown presents the spiritual gifts and describes their uses in spiritual warfare, equipping you to recognize the various spiritual gifts; receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit; activate the spiritual gifts in your life; appropriate the gifts of revelation, power and speech; become wise by discerning God’s will and impart wisdom and other spiritual gifts to others.

You are not alone. You have a Helper, the Holy Spirit, who wants to assist you in overcoming temptation and defeating the enemy in your life. Don’t be alarmed by Satan’s work. The Spirit who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. (See 1 John 4:4.)

So, stand up and use the tools you’ve been given to walk boldly in the way of truth!

ISBN/EAN: 9781629112794, Pages: 192, Paperback


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