The Soul Stirrers – That Heavenly Sound (3CD)

The Soul Stirrers – That Heavenly Sound (3CD)


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Tracklist CD1:
01 Sleep on mother
02 Lord, i’ve tried
03 I want to rest, lord, rest
04 His eye is on the sparrow
05 I’m a soldier in the army of the lord
06 A little talk with jesus
07 John saw the holy number
08 All alone
09 This is my prayer
10 One of these days
11 Glory-glory
12 Seek and ye shall find
13 Goin’ on with the spirit in jesus’ name
14 Does jesus care
15 My life is in his hands
16 Life’s journey
17 I have a right to the tree of life
18 In that awful hour

Tracklist CD2:
01 By and by (parts 1 & 2)
02 I’m still living on mother’s prayer
03 Feel like my time ain’t long
04 Faith and grace
05 I’m gonna move in the room with the lord
06 Blessed be the name of the lord
07 How long
08 Lord is my shepherd, the
09 Jesus gave me water
10 Peace in the valley
11 Come, let us go back to god
12 I’m gonna build on that shore
13 Until jesus calls me home
14 It won’t be very long
15 Just another day
16 Let me go home
17 Jesus paid the debt
18 How far am i from canaan

Tracklist CD3:
01 End of my journey
02 He’ll welcome me
03 He’s my friend until the end
04 Come and go to that land
05 Jesus, i’ll never forget
06 Any day now
07 One more river
08 Nearer to thee
09 I’m so glad (trouble don’t last always)
10 Be with me jesus
11 He’s so wonderful
12 Touch the hem of his garment
13 Jesus, wash away my troubles
14 Farther along
15 Pilgrim of sorrow
16 In a few more days
17 Sinner run to jesus
18 Were you there


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