The Preacher’s Bride Collection

The Preacher’s Bride Collection


Artikelnummer: 9781630586638
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Meet six men who are dedicated to preaching God’s Word – and six women who wonder if they are cut out to support that calling.

Being a helpmate to a pastor is no easy task. They must step out in a special kind of faith and love to become preachers’ brides….

This collection of historical stories will capture, inspire, and entertain readers – and remind them of God’s unique way of weaving great joy and blessing into the lives of those who love Him and follow His will.

Stories by DiAnn Mills, Marilou Flinkman, Kimberley Comeaux, Sally Laity, Kristy Dykes and Darlene Franklin.

ISBN/EAN: 9781630586638, Pages: 480, Paperback


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