The Myriad – With Arrows, With Poise

The Myriad – With Arrows, With Poise


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“With Arrows, With Poise” ist der Nachfolger des Debutalbums aus dem Jahre 2005 “You Can’t Trust A Ladder”. Kreativer Alternative & Modern Rock, dieser mit Song wie “A Thousand Winters Melting,” “Don’t Let Them See You,” “Stuck In A Glass Elevator” bei Fans und Kritiker die besten Noten holt.
Produziert wurde das Album “With Arrows, With Poise” von Michael Ilbert (The Cardigans, Kent, The Hives).

01 You Waste Time Like a Grandfather Clock
02 Get On The Plane
03 Forget What You Came For
04 A Clean Shot
05 The Accident
06 Holiest of Thieves
07 A Thousand Winters Melting
08 Polar Bears And Shark Fins
09 Throwing Punches
10 Don’t Let Them See You!
11 Braver Than The Rest
12 Stuck In A Glass Elevator


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