The Best Worship Songs Ever (3CD)

The Best Worship Songs Ever (3CD)


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Gemeinsam mit EMI Music präsentiert das bekannte englische Worship-Label Kingsway Music einen echten Knaller in Sachen Worship. Sage und schreibe 50 Tracks gibt´s mit der 3-CD-Box “The Best Worship Songs … Ever” auf den Plattenteller.

Ob rockig mit “delirious?” und “Sonicflood” oder relaxed mit Matt Redman und Tim Hughes – auf dieser Kompilation findet sich alles, was Rang und Namen hat. Hier gibt es Klassiker ebenso wie aktuelle Hits, die allesamt in vielen Gemeinden zum sonntäglichen Lied-Repertoire gehören.

CD1 01 Come now is the time to worship
CD1 02 Let everything that has breath
CD1 03 In Christ alone
CD1 04 Here I am to worship
CD1 05 Breathe
CD1 06 All for Jesus
CD1 07 All hail the Lamb
CD1 08 Shout to the north
CD1 09 All heaven declares
CD1 10 Above all
CD1 11 The voice of hope
CD1 12 Shine Jesus shine
CD1 13 Lord I lift your name on high
CD1 14 Who is there like you
CD1 15 Be still
CD1 16 The heart of worship
CD2 01 Take us to the river
CD2 02 Lord let your glory fall
CD2 03 Beautiful saviour
CD2 04 Lord reign in me
CD2 05 Shout to the Lord
CD2 06 My help
CD2 07 Better is one day
CD2 08 There is a higher throne
CD2 09 How deep the Father s love
CD2 10 Father God I wonder
CD2 11 All I once held dear
CD2 12 Jesus be the centre
CD2 13 Colours of day
CD2 14 I will offer up my life
CD2 15 To be in your presence
CD2 16 Did you feel the mountains tremble
CD2 17 See what a morning
CD3 01 I could sing of your love forever
CD3 02 Jesus you alone
CD3 03 Hungry
CD3 04 Open the eyes of my heart
CD3 05 Blessed be your name
CD3 06 What a faithful God
CD3 07 Lord you have my heart
CD3 08 The power of your love
CD3 09 All who are thirsty
CD3 10 We wanna see Jesus lifted high
CD3 11 Forever
CD3 12 Jesus Christ
CD3 13 From heaven you came
CD3 14 We bow down
CD3 15 Days of Elijah
CD3 16 You laid aside your majesty
CD3 17 Jesus-lover of my soul


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