Tamsin Evans – Take Your Place

Tamsin Evans – Take Your Place


Artikelnummer: 9781908393463
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We live in a broken world, in a culture that needs transformation, that needs hope. Yet so often, when we see these problems, we don’t consider ourselves to be part of the solution. We think the problems are too big for people like us to solve.

But when we see ourselves the way God sees us, the possibilities are limitless. Each one of us needs to be equipped to discover our God given identity and practically empowered for the purposes that He has for us. God is calling us to be His army on the earth, and to establish His kingdom, wherever He has placed us. But to truly do this takes determination, perseverance and gritty faith.

This book gives an honest account of a life that is pursuing God’s fullness. It aims to equip readers to seek God and to pursue His plans for their lives, so that they can take their places in an army raised up to ‘set their faces like stone, determined to do His will’ (Is 50:7 NLT) not giving up until they see a world that is completely changed for God.

The author especially dreams to see God transform a generation of young people and is impacting many through the organisation she founded, Pure Creative Arts.

ISBN/EAN: 9781908393463, Pages: 192, Paperback


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