Stuart Olyott – What The Bible Teaches About The Trinity

Stuart Olyott – What The Bible Teaches About The Trinity


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Originally printed under the title The Three Are One, this new edition What the Bible Teaches About The Trinity provides the reader with an straightforward, basic presentation of the doctrine of the Trinity.

Do you have problems understanding what the Bible teaches about the Trinity, or have you had to try to answer people who do not believe that Jesus Christ is God and who deny that the one God is three, and that there are three who are God? Could they possibly be right? How can we answer them?

In this brief book Stuart Olyott shows that what we call ‘the doctrine of the Trinity’ is plainly taught in the Bible and that it is the foundation for a true understanding of the Christian gospel. The book is written in understandable language and is intended for the ordinary reader. Although it certainly discusses the error of the modern cults, its main purpose is to lead people to a better understanding of what God has revealed about himself.

ISBN/EAN: 9780852347461, Pages: 104, Paperback


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