Stephen R. Lawhead: Arthur


The Pendragon Cycle – 3

Arthur is the third book of The Pendragon Cycle: a magnificent epic set against the baackcloth of Roman Britain and the legends of Arthur and lost Atlantis. ‘It is the eve of Christ Mass, and the noblemen have come to Londinium to hold council – to essay who among them might become High King. Fifteen years have come and gone since the sword was first placed there. A young man stands grim-faced, gazing at the sword thrust deep into the stone… hesitant, uncertain.’Take it, Arthur, Merlin tells him…’So the story begins – a tale of high hope and bitter endeavour, of loyalty and treachery, of spiritual quest and the winning of a kingdom – a story whose end, as its beginning, is shrouded in mystery…

ISBN/EAN: 9781782640387, Pages: 512, Paperback, Size: 140x12x217 mm


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