Ryan LeStrange – 60 Days of Unusual

Ryan LeStrange – 60 Days of Unusual


Artikelnummer: 9781629996714
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Prepare Your Heart for Uncommon Breakthrough

God wants to do extraordinary things in and through His people. He performed uncommon miracles throughout the Book of Acts, revealing a rare dimension of His power that brought miraculous results, and He wants to do the same today.

In this sixty-day journey Ryan LeStrange challenges readers to let God interrupt the mundane patterns in their lives and reveal unusual measures of His power. With revelation from Scripture and confessions to declare each day, this book will help readers prepare their hearts for unusual miracles to become a reality in their lives–unsusual blessings, unusual favor, unusual breakthroughs, and more.

God’s people were not born to live mediocre lives void of the power of God. They were designed to do kingdom exploits. This book is a tool that will help readers break the hold of the average, embrace God’s supernatural possibilities, and walk in extraordinary power.

ISBN/EAN: 9781629996714, Pages: 144, Paperback, 7.0 X 5.0 (inches)


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