Richard Ing – Warfare For Your Marriage

Richard Ing – Warfare For Your Marriage


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The divorce rate in America is around 52 percent. Nearly half of all children are born out of wedlock. Something is very wrong. The Bible declares that illegitimacy brings a curse upon a family for ten generations. If this is true, American families are engaged in a spiritual battle and don’t even know it.

Married for nearly fifty years, Richard Ing has counselled hundreds of couples and is also an expert at spiritual warfare. He has identified the ways in which Satan and his demons attack marriage through struggles in communication, intimacy, rejection and the baggage from our past.

This is not a book on Christian psychology and counselling, but rather, a direct counter-attack against the kingdom of darkness and the lusts of the flesh. It cuts to the chase by identifying the true source of most of our conflicts in marriage and how our attitudes carry over to almost all of our relationships, both in and outside of marriage. It exposes the evil spirits Satan uses to destroy marriages and how we can be delivered from them.

ISBN/EAN: 9781629113470, Pages: 256, Paperback


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