Revealing Christ


This Lent, let the life of Christ draw you into a deep place of intimacy, devotion, and authentic faith

Based on the words and teachings of great classic men and women of God such as Maria Woodworth Etter, William Seymour, John G. Lake, Smith Wigglesworth, and others, Revealing Christ is a forty-day guide to the most significant event in all of human history—the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

A powerful prayer and fasting resource, Revealing Christ is specially customised for those who want to increase the impact of their encounter with Christ during the Lent season. Each day’s readings include:

• A key Scripture verse

• Inspirational reading from one of the classic charismatic leaders

• Points to ponder/contemplate to help ignite heartfelt prayer and deeper surrender

• A suggested prayer

ISBN/EAN: 9781621369905, Pages: 128 , Paperback


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