R Loren Sandford – Yes There’s More

R Loren Sandford – Yes There’s More


Artikelnummer: 9781621369806
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Return to the wonder and simplicity of the cross, and a faith of substance and true revival

In recent years it seems we’ve lost the early innocence of our faith and turned once more to the spiritual hero on the platform. Many Christians have been fed a diet of legalistic methods under the heading of supernatural living. Worship has become a performance. In too many cases the church has failed to deliver on its promises, and it has actually sucked the life out of our relational faith with God. Yes There’s More helps you understand the disappointment and disillusionment you’ve been feeling and points you to a fulfilling relationship with God, covering topics such as:

• The difference between faith and feelings

• God’s interest in who we are becoming rather than what we’re receiving

• How to let your light to shine, not be hidden away

• The intimacy and trust that comes from being God’s friend

• Alignment with God in prayer

• A correct understanding of grace

ISBN/EAN: 9781621369806, Pages: 240, Paperback


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