Pigeon John – Pigeon John… Is Clueless


Pigeon John – Pigeon John… Is Clueless

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Soloalbum eines L.A. Symphony Members.


1. Cheerleaders

2. Cowboy Song, The

3. Chase, The

4. Passion – (with Tapwater)

5. Seal Fate

6. 6th And Olvarodo

7. Payroll Professionals – (with Joey The Jerk)

8. Beverly Blvd

9. Destruction

10. I’m The Best In The World!

11. Rap Contest

12. Move On – (with Flynn, featuring Joey The Jerk)

13. Heartbeat, The

14. Los Angeles Rap Music

15. Beautiful Little Sharp Chicks

16. Eviction Notice

17. Cry

18. B

19. (Live At The Arcodia, Santo Monico, Co-Dec, 1999)


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