Natalie Brand – Prone to Wander

Natalie Brand – Prone to Wander


Artikelnummer: 9781527102088
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Grace for the Lukewarm and Apathetic

As Christians, many of us experience times when we struggle in our faith. Times when we get distracted, like dumb sheep, and stray away from the safety of the fold and our faithful Shepherd. Some of us wander for months or even years, backsliding into unbelief and serious sin. Others of us fall into spiritual apathy where our passion for Christ cools and we can’t pray or pick up our Bibles. But the same grace of the Lord Jesus Christ that saved us can carry us through the Christian life. This book has been written to give you gospel comfort and practical counsel to help you move Godward.

ISBN/EAN: 9781527102088, Pages: 96, Paperback, 198 X 130 X 1.00 (inches)


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