Max Lucado – Life Lessons from Revelation (2018 Edition)

Max Lucado – Life Lessons from Revelation (2018 Edition)


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Max Lucado’s Life Lessons from Revelation is a 12-session study on the book of Revelation. The apostle John writes about an amazing vision he saw while in exile that gave him a glimpse into heaven. His description stretches our imagination, fuels our anticipation, and comforts us as we wait for the final curtain call.

Key Themes:

– God has a plan and a future for the world
– God will be ultimately victorious over evil
– There will be a final accounting for our faith and our lives
– There is a better world in store

Each lesson has the following sections: Key Scripture Verse, Reflection, Situation, Observation, Exploration, Inspiration, Reaction, Life Lessons, Devotion, and Journaling. Ideal for a small-group setting or for individual study.

ISBN/EAN: 9780310086666, Pages: 128, Paperback, 7.17 X 4.71 (inches)


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