Mary T. Lederleitner – Women in God’s Mission

Mary T. Lederleitner – Women in God’s Mission


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Accepting the Invitation to Serve and Lead

Women have advanced God’s mission throughout history and around the world. But women often face particular obstacles in ministry. What do we need to know about how women thrive?

Mission researcher Mary Lederleitner interviewed and surveyed respected women in mission leadership from across the globe to gather their insights, expertise, and best practices. In Women in God’s Mission, she unveils how women serve in distinctive ways and identifies key traits of faithful connected leaders. When women face opposition based on their gender, they employ various strategies to carry on with resilience and hope. Real-life stories and case studies shed light on dynamics that inhibit women and also give testimony to God’s grace and empowerment in the midst of challenges.

Women and men will find resources here for partnering together in effective ministry and mission.

ISBN/EAN: 9780830845514, Pages: 240, Paperback, 140 x 206 x 15mm


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