Mark Sayers – Strange Days

Mark Sayers – Strange Days


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Life in the Spirit in a Time of Terrorism, Populist Politics, and Culture Wars

Scan the news or scroll through Facebook for even five minutes and you might feel like putting your head in the sand. Culture wars, politics, terrorism, constant connectedness–the world today can be overwhelming.

Strange Days helps you find your bearings. Mark Sayers, a pastor and gifted cultural analyst, offers an insightful guide to the times. He identifies patterns behind the chaos, explains how they work together, and shows a biblical way forward.

For anyone feeling frightened, discouraged, or confused in this globalized world, Strange Days is a great comfort. It will help you make sense of the rapid changes, while reinforcing what Jesus said long ago: “Take heart, for I have overcome the world.”

ISBN/EAN: 9780802463258, Pages: 160, Paperback, 8 X 5.25 X .4 (inches)


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