Keith Green – Ministry Years Vol. 1 (2CD)


Keith Green – Ministry Years Vol. 1 (2CD)

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Track Liste CD1:
01 Because of You
02 How Can They Live Without J…
03 Walk and Talk
04 Run to the End of the Highway
05 Your Love Broke Through
06 The Victor
07 Thank You Jesus
08 The Prodigal Son Suite
09 Stained Glass
10 Go to the Hungry Ones
11 Love With Me Melodys Song
12 You Put This Love In My Heart
13 There Is A Redeemer
14 No One Believes In Me Anymore
15 On the Road to Jericho
16 You!
17 When I Hear the Praises Start
18 Asleep In the Light

Track Liste CD2:
01 Hell Take Care of the Rest
02 Make My Life a Prayer t…
03 Easter Song
04 When Theres Love
05 The Battle is Already Won
06 Pledge My Head to Heaven
07 My Eyes Are Dry
08 Song to My Parents
09 Trials Turned to Gold
10 Dust to Dust
11 I Cant Believe It
12 To Obey Is Better Than …
13 Soften Your Heart
14 I Dont Wanna Fall Away …
15 Here Am I Send Me
16 I Cant Wait to Get to H…
17 Dear John Letter to the…
18 Rushing Wind
19 Dont You Wish You Had t…
20 Altar Call Live Version


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