Joy Electric – The Art And Craft Of Popular Music (2CD)

Joy Electric – The Art And Craft Of Popular Music (2CD)


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Sie haben sich dem unvergesslichen Synthi-Pop der 80er verschrieben. Konsequent wird darum bis heute analog gesoundbastelt.
Wer den Sound von Soft Cell, O.M.D. oder den frühen Pet Shop Boys mag, der wird an Joy Electric seine helle Freude haben.
34 coole Songs sind auf dieser DCD verewigt. Der Titel ist Programm: „The Art & Craft of Popular Music“.

CD1 01 The Matterhorn
CD1 02 Dance To Moroder
CD1 03 Such A Beautiful Thought
CD1 04 Ringing Bells
CD1 05 Mistletoe And Molasses
CD1 06 Apples Of Gold
CD1 07 Well Last So Long
CD1 08 Farmhouse Fables
CD1 09 Weep In The Sunshine
CD1 10 Come In Brother
CD1 11 Every Nook And Cranny
CD1 12 Blueberry Boats And Pin…
CD1 13 We Are Rock The Faint R…
CD1 14 We Are Rock The Norway …
CD1 15 We Are Rock The Echoing…
CD2 01 Drum Machine Joy
CD2 02 Candycane Carriage
CD2 03 Analogue Grand Diary
CD2 04 Sweet Sweet Charity
CD2 05 Keep Him In Your Thoughts
CD2 06 Five Stars For Failure
CD2 07 Burgundy Years
CD2 08 Hansel
CD2 09 I Beam You Beam
CD2 10 The Cobbler
CD2 11 Sugar Rush
CD2 12 Monosynth
CD2 13 The Robot Beat
CD2 14 The North Sea
CD2 15 Disco For A Ride
CD2 16 Singing In Gee
CD2 17 Children Of The Lord
CD2 18 Is Sing Electric
CD2 19 These Should Be The Goo…


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