Johnny Cash – From Memphis To Hollywood: Bootleg Vol. 2 (2CD)

Johnny Cash – From Memphis To Hollywood: Bootleg Vol. 2 (2CD)


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Tracklist CD1:
01 kwem annoucements and advertisements (on the air 1950)
02 johnny cash show intro and theme (on the air 1950)
03 wide open road (on the air 1950)
04 home equipment company advertisement (on the air 1950)
05 one more ride (on the air 1950)
06 home equipment company adversiments (on the air 1950)
07 luther’s boogie (on the air 1950)
08 belshazzar intro (on the air 1950)
09 belshazzar (on the air 1950)
10 closing comments and theme (on the air 1950)
11 overton park shell (on the air 1950)
12 i walk the line (demo)
13 get rhythm (demo)
14 train of love (demo)
15 country boy (demo)
16 my treasure (demo)
17 belshazzar (demo)
18 he’ll be a friend (demo)
19 when i think of you (demo)
20 i just don’t care enough (demo)
21 i’ll cry for you (demo)
22 you’re my baby (demo)
23 and roll ruby (demo)
24 wide op en road (sun rarities)
25 leave that junk alone (sun rarities)
26 brakeman’s blues (sun rarities)
27 big river (sun rarities)
28 i couln’t keep from crying (sun rarities)
29 new mexico (sun rarities)
30 goonight irene (sun rarities)
31 restless kid (demo)
32 it’s all over (demo)

Tracklist CD2:
01 all over again
02 you dreamer you
03 i’ll remember you
04 johnny yuma theme
05 five minutes to live
06 losing kind
07 locomotive man
08 girl in saskatoon
09 there’s a mother always waiting
10 johnny reb
11 shifting whispering sands
12 send a pictur of mother
13 hardin wouldn’t run (demo)
14 thunderball
15 one too many mornings
16 frozen logger
17 foolish questions
18 bottom of the mountain
19 put the sugar to bed
20 you beat all i ever saw
21 on the line
22 roll call
23 folk singer
24 six white horses (demo)
25 come along and ride this train (demo)


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