Jen Hatmaker – 7 Days of Christmas

Jen Hatmaker – 7 Days of Christmas


Artikelnummer: 9781501888274
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You’ve celebrated, decorated, and cooked your way to holiday exhaustion and you’re hitting your limits on more than just your plastic this season.

Inspired by best-selling author Jen Hatmaker’s breakout book 7, 7 Days of Christmas is for every jingle-bell sweater wearing, Michelin-rated casserole-making wife, mother, sister, and friend. Following the original seven categories from the book 7–kitchen, fashion, stuff, streaming, tossing, spending, and stressing–Hatmaker shares stories and quotes from holidays past, along with a few simple ideas for replacing excess this Christmas.

In a season where retail stores display Christmas in August with constant pressure to manufacture joy, 7 Days of Christmas will encourage readers toward a little less hustle and busyness in exchange for a little more family, laughter, and generosity.

ISBN/EAN: 9781501888274, Pages: 224, Hardcover


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