Jarrett Stevens – Praying Through

Jarrett Stevens – Praying Through


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Overcoming the Obstacles That Keep Us from God

Do you kind of hate it when you risk a little vulnerability with someone—you share some hard thing you’re going through, some spiritual dry spell, some tender concern—and they say something like “You should pray about it!” . . . as if that’s the easiest thing in the world and praying through hard things doesn’t feel like a high-risk undertaking. Jarrett Stevens has been helping people find language for prayer over the course of a few decades. He’s discovered along the way that prayer is more straightforward than we make it out to be. With helpful starting practices to make prayer a more natural rhythm for your life, Jarrett helps you to find your voice when words of prayer are hard to come by, to settle into the silence when God seems quiet, and to bring all your cares and celebrations to God because He longs to walk with you in and through them.

ISBN/EAN: 9781631469817, Pages: 224, Paperback


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