Frank T. Griswold – Tracking Down the Holy Ghost

Frank T. Griswold – Tracking Down the Holy Ghost


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Reflections on Love and Longing

• First-person narrative of significant years in the life of the Episcopal Church
• Former Presiding Bishop, well-known throughout the Anglican Communion Frank Griswold writes out of his understanding that “all things have the potential to reveal the Divine and the mystery of love that lies at the heart of the universe . . . ” Though a teacher, preacher, recognized ecumenical and interfaith leader, and former head of the Episcopal Church, he describes himself as a seeker still, “a person under construction.”

Griswold’s opening words set the tone: “These pages are the fruit of my effort to gather up fragments from what I have learned along the way about myself, about love and longing, about God and God’s ways with us. If you are drawn, as I have been, to follow lines of spiritual motion, perhaps the stories and reflections in these pages will be an encouragement along the way. You may discover revelatory moments in your own life you have overlooked because they seem so ordinary and mundane . . . ” Though not a memoir, the book includes autobiographical material to give readers a sense of the writer as a friend and companion who shares their journey. It also illustrates and brings to life various teachings drawn from the Great Tradition as well as contemporary authors and spiritual guides.

ISBN/EAN: 9780819233653, Pages: 144, Paperback


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