Foster Cline, Jim Fay – Parenting with Love and Logic

Foster Cline, Jim Fay – Parenting with Love and Logic


Artikelnummer: 9781631469060
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Teaching Children Responsibility

This parenting book shows you how to raise self-confident, motivated children who are ready for the real world. Learn how to parent effectively while teaching your children responsibility and growing their character. Establish healthy control through easy-to-implement steps without anger, threats, nagging, or power struggles.

Trusted by generations of parents, counselors, and teachers to lovingly raise responsible children. Includes solutions for dozens of specific topics like tantrums, managing screen time, and getting ready for school, all indexed for easy reference.

Updated with parenting wisdom for today’s world, including new material on cyber-bullying and technology.

ISBN/EAN: 9781631469060, Pages: 272, Paperback, 8.9 X 5.9 X 1.1 (inches)


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