E.W. Kenyon – The Blood Covenant

E.W. Kenyon – The Blood Covenant


Artikelnummer: 9781641234047
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The Hidden Truth Revealed at the Lord’s Table

Legendary Bible teacher Dr. E. W. Kenyon unveils the meaning and miracles available to every Christian through a complete understanding of The Blood Covenant. The Bible is composed of two covenants, or agreements. The old covenant, between God and Abraham, was sealed by circumcision. The new covenant, between God and every believer, is sealed with the blood of Jesus Christ. As you understand your rights as a Christian stemming from this covenant, you will experience an incredible boost to your walk of faith as you lay hold of amazing blessings. The Blood Covenant brings all the power, victory, and miracles of God into the everyday life of the believer.

ISBN/EAN: 9781641234047, Pages: 80, Paperback, 7 X 5 (inches)


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