Dr. Greg Smalley, Erin Smalley – Reconnected

Dr. Greg Smalley, Erin Smalley – Reconnected


Artikelnummer: 9781589979369
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Moving from Roommates to Soulmates in Marriage

Over time, the business of life creeps in and even the most deeply committed couples can feel like they’re living parallel lives rather than enjoying life together. Their once happily-ever-after can quickly turn into an endless grind of work, chores, errands and carpool. And the pull of social media becomes more compelling than engaging with one’s spouse. In this book, Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley offer practical ways to rekindle the passionate, intimate, heart-to-heart spark of connection between husbands and wives.

ISBN/EAN: 9781589979369, Pages: 160, Paperback


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