Dominate Vol. 3 (DVD)


Diese DVD enthält 17 aktuelle Musikvideos angesagter Rock- und „Hard & Heavy“-Bands wie „Underoath“, „Hawk Nelson“, „Thousand Foot Krutch“, „The Becoming“ u. v. a.

1. Ivoryline – Days End
2. MxPx – Contention
3. Thousand Foot Krutch – Favorite Disease
4. Since October – Disaster
5. Secret and Whisper – xoxoxo
6. As Cities Burn- Empire
7. Showbread- the Pig (Anorexia)
8. The Classic Crime-Abracadavers
9. Ivory Line-Hearts and Minds
10. Underoath-Desperate Times Desperate Measures
11. Showbread-The Journey (Anorexia)
12. Jonezetta-Busy Body (unreleased)
13. Copeland-The Grey man
14. Children 18:3-All My Baloons
15. Capital Lights-Outrage
16. Showbread- the Pig (nervosa)
17. The Becoming-I cry
18. Run Kid Run-one in a million
19. Joy Electric-What Electricity Made
20. A Dream To Late-Intermission to The Moon
21. The Glorious Unseen-Close to your heart
22. Hawk Nelson-Friend Like That
23. Number One Gun- Wake me up
24. Showbread-The Journey (Nervosa)
25. Family Force 5-Radiator


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