Dirk Lüling, Christa Lüling – Sharing the Burden

Dirk Lüling, Christa Lüling – Sharing the Burden


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The Gifting of Highly Sensitive Burden Bearers

An estimated fifth of the earth’s population are people with the gift of extreme empathy – highly sensitive burden bearers, as Christa and Dirk Lüling call them: Often they are misunderstood, not only by the majority in cultures used to praising the “go-getter”, but by themselves. It’s no wonder the literal translation of the original German title of this book is “Burden Bearing – the Misunderstood Gift”. Highly sensitive burden bearers are in danger from self-pity, burnout, resentment, lack of self-esteem, and they desperately need to learn when and how to protect themselves from the emotions their nervous systems don’t automatically screen out. They often need healing for the many hurts that are related to their gifting. They need to be understood, and first of all, to understand themselves. The original German version of this book has been a best-seller on the Christian book market since it appeared in 2007. Many people have learned to understand, accept and appreciate themselves, often for the first time. This book contains knowledge, empathy, tips and prayers that make an immense difference in how you see yourself and interact with others.
(Adapted from Patricia Cress’ Forword to the English edition)

As co-founders of TEAM.F family ministry Dirk and Christa Lüling served on its board of directors for many years. Today they are responsible for the TEAM.F School of Prayer Counceling, and work as speakers and councelors. Seminars for highly sensitive persons have become a major focus of their ministry.

ISBN/EAN: 9783940188717, Pages: 152, Paperback, 135x12x205 mm


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