David C. Innes – Christ and the Kingdoms of Men

David C. Innes – Christ and the Kingdoms of Men


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An Introduction to the Study of Politics

Why should we study politics? Because God himself is political””our sovereign Lord who governs the world and makes laws with complete authority. Beyond our petty jockeying for power and our strife over how best to live, God calls our human officeholders and their civic business to a high moral purpose. Rather than trivialize God, his involvement reveals the nobility of political life””a nobility to which its practice rarely conforms in any country or generation but to which we should aspire. What are a Christian’s civic responsibilities, and why? Are we thinking about politics correctly? David Innes, a professor of politics, provides a principled political theology for understanding our civic “life together” in God’s world. Christ and the Kingdoms of Men will help readers to become more politically thoughtful and circumspect in their use of public authority, consciously looking to and depending on King Jesus.

ISBN/EAN: 9781629955940, Pages: 240, Paperback, 9.00 X 6.00 (inches)


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