D. Michael Jackson – The Diaconate In Ecumenical Perspective

D. Michael Jackson – The Diaconate In Ecumenical Perspective


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Ecclesiology, Liturgy and Practice

Christian Churches, East and West, especially in the past fifty years, have revived the diaconate as a permanent form of ordained ministry rather than a brief stage on the way to the presbyterate. These essays examine this development from the perspectives of history, theology and practice, showing ecumenical convergence on the renewal of an ancient order. Contributors from Anglican, Roman Catholic, Ukrainian Catholic, Lutheran and Methodist perspectives explore and emphasize the relevance and potential of deacons for the Church today. As well as significant differences, there is much common ground between the traditions. The essays explore subjects such as the retention of the transitional diaconate, women deacons, the prophetic ministry of the diaconate, as well as the liturgical role of the deacon.

ISBN/EAN: 9781789590357, Pages: 216, Paperback


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