Cindy Trimm – Goodbye, Yesterday!

Cindy Trimm – Goodbye, Yesterday!


Artikelnummer: 9781629996233
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Activating the Nine Laws of Boundary-Defying Faith

Each of us is born with a seed of greatness, but in many of us, it never grows to maturity because we don’t realize our full potential. We continue to live day-to-day based on the failaures, defeatist attitude, and purposelessness of the past rather than acknowledging that we were created for more.

Using insights gained from the Book of Genesis, Goodbye, Yesterday! teaches readers the nine principles of faith they need to be set free from the past, change the way they see themselves, and move fully into all that God has for them to do and to be. It enables readers to renegotiate their future, redefine their destiny, reestablish their dominion in a world of chaos, and realize their full potential as God’s representatives on the earth.

This book will help readers move beyond the self-defeating behaviors and mindsets of the past and embrace the “awesome” person God designed them to be!

ISBN/EAN: 9781629996233, Pages: 240, Paperback, 7.0 X 5.0 (inches)


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