Buried Alive (DVD)


„Solid State Records“ is a label that focuses on heavy metal and hardcore bands, many of whom deliver a strong Christian message through their music.

„Buried Alive!“ is a compilation of some of the label’s most popular acts, with 13 videos included. Among the artists featured are „Underoath“ (who deliver three tracks), „Inhale/Exhale“, and „Norma Jean“.

Track Listing:

In Regards To Myself (Underoath)
Composure (August Burns Red)
Blueprints For Future Homes (Norma Jean)
One Thousand Apologies (Demon Hunter)
Attack Of The Dungeon Witch (He Is Legend)
Stitches (Haste The Day)
You’re Ever So Inviting (Underoath)
Saints (Destroy The Runner)
Redemption (Inhale/Exhale)
We Faced Each Other (The Chariot)
A Moment Suspended In Time (Underoath)
Endure (Becoming The Archetype)
Call To The Faithful (Inhale/Exhale)
Songs Sound Much Sadder (Norma Jean)


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