Advent – Naked And Cold

Advent – Naked And Cold


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Advent veröffentlichen mit “Naked and Cold” ihr zweites Album bei solidstaterecords. “We are a band set on saying something that makes people feel uncomfortable. We don’t want to fit in with the crowd,” sagt Sänger Joe Musten zu seiner Band. “We speak out on issues and do it in such a way that it hurts a little bit. It stings. I guess that is what this is about. It’s not about being molded but breaking the mold.”

01. Nothing
02. Overcome
03. Naked and Cold
04. Fatherless
05. Pack of Fools
06. Revival
07. Crown of Thorns
08. Golgotha
09. Pierced With Grief
10. With Anger
11. Out of Line
12. Blackness of Day


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